How much does it cost to change from storage heating to new central heating?

Installing central heating in your home costs around £3,000.

Historically, many homes have benefited from storage heating. Electric storage radiators use electricity to heat up thermally efficient bricks overnight which then release their heat during the day. They are easy to maintain (there can be no leaks, are no pipes) and as long as you have electricity, you will have heating.

However, once the bricks have cooled, there is little that you can do to warm them up. You often have to resort to other methods of heating to warm up once the bricks have lost their heat – for example because your house is poorly insulated.

So, over recent years, many people have turned to a central heating system. Gas-fired central heating uses a boiler to heat water which is then sent around a network of pipes and radiators. As a boiler has a programmable timer and thermostatic controls, you can choose when your heating is turned on and off and it only takes around 30 minutes to start producing heat.

Whilst a central heating system is more flexible and more responsive, installing pipes, a boiler and radiators is more difficult than installing storage heaters, and so the initial installation costs of central heating tend to be higher.

If you are looking to change from storage heating to new central heating, you can expect to pay around £3,000. The actual cost will depend on the type and quality of the boiler you have installed, the complexity of laying the pipes in your home and the number of radiators you need installing (this is based on the size of your home).

Whilst it may cost several thousand pounds to have central heating installed, the absence of central heating can be a turn off for many prospective buyers when you sell your home. TV personality and presenter of Location, Location, Location, Phil Spencer, told the Daily Telegraph ‘Put in central heating if it’s not already there. You’ll spend £1,000-£3,000, but will add £5,000 to the value [of your home].’

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