How much does it cost to put a new roof on a house in UK?

A new roof can cost between £2,500 and over £10,000 depending on your location, the size of the roof, the extent of the work and the type of roof.

A leaking roof can be one of the most urgent and significant repairs that you have to carry out on your home. Protecting your home from the elements is a priority and a leaking roof can lead to many other problems.

Whilst there are many repairs that you can carry out to your roof – replacing broken tiles, repairing splits in the roof covering or replacing rotten or worn timbers – replacing your roof is often the only way to solve your problem.

The cost to put a new roof on a house in the UK varies significantly. Some straightforward roofing jobs can cost as little as a thousand pounds. For example, repairing or replacing a flat roof may be cheaper than replacing slates on a large detached property. The cost to replace a flat roof – for example a garage roof – may only be around £500 to £1,000, but you are likely to have to need to replace the roof every ten years or so.

Slate tiles typically cost between £15 and £20 per square metre, plus you will have to pay for other materials and for labour. Bear in mind that you may also have to pay for timbers and other sundries in addition to this.

Channel 4 suggests always getting at least three quotes from members of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. The website reports that roofers charge from around £150 to £230 per day - although this will vary from region to region. So, always get a quote for how much a new slate roof costs from various contractors before you go ahead.

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