How to work out cost of house repairs?

Repairs to your home can cost anything from a few pounds to tens of thousands of pounds, depending on the specific repair job that needs undertaking.

House repairs are an essential part of home ownership. When you buy a property, you are taking on a project that requires ongoing maintenance and repair. A recent survey published in the Independent found that the average UK homeowner in the UK planned to spend £2,831 on repairing, improving or extending their property in 2011.

A survey by the Energy Saving Trust in 2004 found that homebuyers are often saddled with repair bills when they move into a new property. The research found that almost half of buyers have unexpected problems with windows, 40 per cent find that repairs are needed on their boiler, 33 per cent discover damaged plasterwork and 20 per cent have to tackle rising damp.

So, home repairs come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most costly and significant repairs that you may need to undertake are to the exterior of your home. For example, replacing some broken roof slates can cost a few hundred pounds, whilst having to replace your entire roof can set you back several thousand pounds.

As the survey above found, nearly half of homeowners are faced with having to replace aging or damaged windows. This can cost between £250 and over £1,000 per window, depending on the size, quality and materials of the replacement windows.

A damp proof course can run into several thousand pounds, particularly if plaster or flooring has to be removed in order to complete the course. Boiler repairs can be a few hundred pounds whilst you may pay a similar amount for repairs to your home’s electrical or wiring system.

However, many home repairs can be carried out yourself at negligible cost. Many hardware and DIY stores now offer advice and guidance on arrange of small to medium sized home repair jobs. This means that you can often buy the materials and tools to undertake the repairs yourself.

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