How much can I expect to spend on a kitchen extension?

The cost of a kitchen extension will depend on two factors: the size and scope of the extension itself and also the cost of the additional fixtures and fittings to be installed in the extension.

The price of extending the kitchen itself is likely to be the cost that you have most control over. Depending on the size of the extension, the additional construction that is required and where you are in the country, you can expect to pay anywhere from £1,000 to £3,000 per square metre for a kitchen extension.

This cost is likely to include the removal of external wall(s), the installation of new floors and ceilings, plastering, new roofing and new windows. It will also typically include wiring and plumbing and will be completed in accordance with building regulations.

 Of course, once your kitchen extension is completed you then have the much more variable cost of the fit-out. If your existing kitchen is to remain intact, you may find that it costs a relatively small amount to add additional units or furniture to your kitchen extension.

However, if you are planning to have a brand new kitchen fitted in the larger space, you could easily pay anything between £5,000 and £50,000. This will largely depend on the craftsmanship and quality of the materials that you use and the cost of the electrical appliances.

Bear in mind that there may also be additional expenses that you will incur as part of such a project. For example, you may have to pay £500 to £1,000 to an architect to draw up the plans for your kitchen extension. You may also have to pay the costs to your local council for obtaining the necessary planning consent to extend your home. It is also worth having a contingency fund available just in case the extension runs into problems such as the need to relocate manhole covers or the requirement for a new back door.

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