How much does a garden increase the value of a house by?

Good use of outside space can increase the value of your home by up to 20 per cent, according to Phil Spencer, presenter of TV’s Location, Location, Location.

However, when spending money on your garden it is crucial not to go overboard. Your taste will differ from the taste of your potential buyers and so experts agree that it is often better to keep your garden simple and functional.

Jonathan O'Shea, a partner in estate agent Fine and Country, says: “Ornate designs are always expensive and can be family-unfriendly. If landscaping results in a series of small, enclosed areas, these are no good for kicking footballs around. I've seen properties where owners have spent as much as £30,000 on paving, decking and smart new hedges and I've had to tell them it's all very nice, but they won't get their money back.”

Spending a fortune on your garden design might create a beautiful outdoor space, but bear in mind that buyers may not be keen gardeners and may be put off by the amount of maintenance such a garden would need.

However, if you do want to add value to your home, simple improvements to your garden can make a big difference. Website This Is Money says that ‘it's safe to assume that for most buyers, a house with a garden is more attractive than one without. In cities, they tend to be rarer, so every square metre adds value.

‘It's logical to assume, too, that an attractively designed garden will add more value than a featureless area. And a grubby yard, furnished with disused bikes and rusting climbing frames, probably won't help clinch the sale.’

So, whilst spending money to improve the look of your garden (or to add a garden if your home didn’t previously have one) can add value to your home; as long as you stick to a budget. As This Is Money concludes, however, ‘whether your buyers are keen gardeners or have no interest at all, a big design overhaul is probably a poor investment.’

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