How much does a garage conversion to a room cost?

According to recent figures, the average cost of a garage conversion in the UK is £6,300.

These figures come from research from the bank Santander, who found that increasing numbers of Brits are converting their garage into an office, hobby room, gym or to provide additional living space. The survey found that 650,000 households have recently changed their garage into another room, while a further 470,000 intend to convert.

The Daily Telegraph reports that ‘7 per cent of garage owners said they had already converted their car storage area and a further 5 per cent said they had earmarked this space for alternative use.’

Whilst Santander’s research found that a garage conversion to a room cost £6,300, Channel 4 suggests that you budget around £9,000 to £10.000. This will include new windows, doors, plumbing, electrics and decorating, although the website acknowledges that the actual cost will be determined on the complexity of the project and where you live.

Conversion prices on the popular comparison website range from £5,200 up to around £15,500 for a double garage.

Phil Cliff, Director of Mortgages at Santander, said: “For many people garages have lost their original purpose. Cars are far more reliable and robust these days and most home owners are happy to keep them outside on the driveway. But for a relatively modest investment garages can be transformed into a space that far better matches our current needs."

Whilst it may cost several thousand pounds for a garage conversion to a room, adding additional living space can add significant value to your property. A spokesperson for Santander said: “The average garage conversion costs around £6,300 but garage owners believe it adds an average £7,250 to the value of the property, which if accurate, would mean that garage conversions will boost the value of British homes by £8 billion in total.”

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