How much cost to build a swimming pool?

A new outdoor swimming pool costs between £10,000 and £40,000, depending on the size and type of pool.

Having the ability to have a dip in a heated swimming pool after a hard day at work or school is an attractive proposition to many homeowners. The Daily Mail reported in 2009 that there are an estimated 210,000 private swimming pools in the UK with around 2,500 pools installed annually every year.

And, the cost of installing a swimming pool may be much lower than you expect. Christina Connor, editor of Pool and Spa Industry magazine told the newspaper that “You can now install a pool for as little as the cost of a family holiday.”

A good quality paddling pool may cost just a few hundred pounds, but if you want a professionally installed, upmarket swimming pool the cost is likely to run into five figures. The Society of Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA) says the cost to build a swimming pool is £12,000 for an upmarket above-ground pool, £10,000 - £15,000 for a pre-plumbed one-piece fibreglass pool (if you do it yourself), an average £25,000 for a liner pool (rendered concrete block or panel system, vinyl liner) and £40,000 for a concrete, reinforced fully-tiled outdoor pool.

If you install a swimming pool in your home, bear in mind that the running costs are around £5 a day in summer. Ms Connor maintains this is good value: “With the predictions of warmer summers, and the fashion for ‘staycations’, putting a pool in, if you have the space, makes a lot of sense.”

However, if you are planning to install a swimming pool, it is vital that you have plenty of space not only for pipe work but also so that the pool fits in with your home and garden.

Philip Blanchard, of estate agents Jackson-Stops & Staff in Winchester believes that swimming pools won’t automatically add value to your home. He said: “Some parents won't buy a house with a pool because they are worried about safety. But for substantial country houses, it is one of the toys people expect.”

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